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Find out more about the first steps of being a Christian.

Get connected to a church/ youth group to help you further in your journey.


If you're struggling with anything or feel like you need any help, this is the part to head to.

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We have Access.


God so loved the world that he sent his son Jesus to restore access and pay for our bad choices, giving us a way to him. God has always been about creating ways back to himself, no matter where we’ve gone or what we’ve done, because he loves us so much. ​ The bible says that in the beginning god created everything, and at that time we had full access, but we chose a different after-party – a different way to live. We denied ourselves access to him. Not only that but we couldn’t fix it. Did God give up? Did he leave us outside? ​ No. ​ At Christmas we remember that god got our attention by stepping into our story. At easter we remember how Jesus was nailed to the cross, died and rose again to restore access to god. ​Access to love. Access to the after-party of heaven, and access to power and hope for the part of the story we’re living right now. When you realise this and accept it, you are then accepted by God. What incredible access!

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No matter how or where you were born,

how rich or poor you are, how educated you are, if you're fat/thin, ugly/pretty, straight/gay, old/young, black/white... The access that Jesus gives is for all. ​ This isn't an exclusive club that only the best or most religious people get to enter. It’s an invitation to all. To everyone. You’re not better than anyone else if you accept Jesus. This is an ALL encompassing message of an all loving God, for all people. ​ The amazing reality of this message is that all the junk – sometimes called sin – is gone. It's finished. Everything you’ve done wrong or has been done to you, or the good stuff you should’ve done but didn’t – all of it is taken care of by Jesus. ​ The Bible says that all who put their trust in Jesus will be saved and know true life. All the hope and power of God who has beaten death is now yours, so that the world can be changed today as people choose this adventure and are forever changed by it. All the future promise of eternity with God is yours. It is there for all who want it, choose it, and live it.

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Once you’ve jumped in and accepted Jesus.

Once you’ve put your trust in Him – you can join Him in sharing the good news with all people. They can have access because of all Jesus has done. He appoints and authorises us to partner with Him in bringing hope to all areas of the world. ​ When something works you tell people about it. This amazing Gospel – the story of Jesus – works! That’s why you’re here watching this right now. God brought you here because you heard the story and realised that it's more than just a fairy tale, it is truth – and you have responded in some way to it. ​ So now we advertise – we go to all areas and tell them about this incredible good news. They can be accepted by God, because of the access we have through Jesus. The Bible says, ...beautiful are the feet of those who bring Good News... ​ This Good News we bring is the hope for all humanity. It is life itself. You get to experience it in every area of your life, and you can share it in every area of your world.

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Get connected.

The next best thing you can do is get connected into youth:

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Some of the stuff we've talked about in school and at our events are really tough subjects. If you're battling with anything from bullying to depression or self - harm, we want to make sure that you can get the right help. We've put together a project called ImPossible, where we talk about all the tough subjects and where you can get more help if you need it.

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